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In order to be selected as an Azalea Trail Maid, young women from across Mobile County must participate in a rigorous, two-round interview process. First, one must interview at one's high school. Each high school can send a certain number of representatives (based on student population) to the city interviews. Only 100 girls interview at the city-level and from there, 50 are chosen as the official Azalea Trail Maid Court. Each year, over 250 high school senior girls participate in the Azalea Trail Maid interview process.

Interview questions are personal to the interviee but consist of questions concerning current events, personal resume, career goals, and standard interview questions. The most important topic covered, however, is the history of the city of Mobile. As an official ambassador for the city, an Azalea Trail Maid is expected to be well-versed in its heritage.

At the city-level, one interviews with a panel of out-of-town judges and faces "the chair". In this test, a wooden chair sits diagonally in the center of the room. Its purpose is to see which side you choose to sit on and how you compose yourself in that position for the duration of your ten-minute interview.

Interview scores are combined with scholastic scores (based on GPA, ACT score and high school transcript) in order to determine the Azalea Trail Maid Court. The young woman with the highest score is named Queen and is the only member who wears a pink dress. She also receives a full-ride scholarship to Auburn University. The second and third-highest scores are named First and Second Lady-in-Waiting.