View of The Statue of Liberty From The Pedestal

Welcome To The Statue Of Liberty!

Welcome to The Statue Of Liberty. Our adventure to the Statue of Liberty began with a ferry ride over to Ellis Island. If you ever decide to visit the Statute of Liberty be prepared to go through extensive security. You will go through more security to get into the Statue Liberty than you will to get on a plane ride back home. We bought our tickets to see Lady Liberty online before we left for New York. I would recommend doing this because they are the same price online as what they are when you arrive at the ferry to get to the island. We paid $19 a person to get in. Because we had our tickets when we got to Battery Park to get on the ferry, we got to go to the front of the line. If you purchase a ticket online you have an automatic pass to go up the pedestal of Lady Liberty, the others have to stay on the ground. Purchasing tickets online is the only way to go up the pedestal.

Life Size Replica of Lady Liberty's Face

Also, In the pedestal of Lady Liberty is an amazing museum filled with really cool facts and actual "retired" parts from Lady Liberty. Outside the museum, we were able to get some amazing pictures because we were so close. Because of the tourist attack on September 11th no one is allowed to climb up to Lady Liberty’s crown anymore. However, they have inserted glass over the opening to the stairs and you can see the spiral staircase that goes all the way up to the crown.

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View From The Pedestal of Liberty Island Laura on a life size replica of Lady Liberty's Foot LIberty Island Laura and I on Lady Liberty's Pedestal The Stairs that lead up to her crown The Statue of Liberty From the Pedestal Up View From the Top of the Pedestal down to Liberty Island